SPOKES for e-bikes

Terms of service

  1. The www.electricbikesimulator.com service is a website devoted to bikes with electric drive.

  2. The www.electricbikesimulator.com service provides the following applications: ELECTRIC BIKE RANGE SIMULATOR and BATTERY CAPACITY AND ENGINE POWER CALCULATOR, which are based on constant travel parameters, such as:
    • Land slope,
    • Face area of the cyclist,
    • Aerodynamics coefficient,
    • Rolling resistance coefficient,
    • Weather conditions,
    that is why the results of calculations of the application may differ from the actual results, as in reality it is not possible to maintain these parameters on permanent level.

  3. The www.electricbikesimulator.com service provides the possibility to register companies dealing with sales and production of electric drives for bikes.

  4. The companies who register can add unlimited number of drives of various parameters offered by them.

  5. Registration of companies and adding of drives is free of charge.

  6. The Offerer undertakes to publish the drive descriptions compliant with the factual state and not to mislead the service users.

  7. The contents of new and modified drives is checked by the administrator prior to publication in the service.

  8. The administrator reserves the right not to publish the drives which may mislead the service users and drives which are reproduced with identical parameters by one Offerer.

  9. Due to the subject of the service, the drives with parameters deviating from bicycle standards will not be published.

  10. When adding a new drive it is possible to choose the appearance of the engine. The Offerer may suggest a new appearance via the contact form.

  11. Presenting illegal contents or materials in the www.electricbikesimulator.com service is forbidden.

  12. The www.electricbikesimulator.com service does not participate in transactions between the offerer and the service user.

  13. The users who register on the www.electricbikesimulator.com service agree to receive e-mail and traditional correspondence regarding administrative matters and promotional information.

  14. The www.electricbikesimulator.com service is not responsible for:
    • Publishing of untrue or false data by the users,
    • Purpose and manner of using the data published in the service,
    • Improper functioning of the service on the reader's computer and the resulting complications.

  15. Your web browser stores text files (cookies) on your computer's hard drive. These files contain information necessary for proper functioning of web services, in particular those which require authorization. The contents of cookies prevent user identification; no personal data is stored or processed based on them. www.electricbikesimulator.com stores cookies on users' computers in order to:
    • Maintain the user's session (after logging in), so the user does not need to enter the user name and password on each page.
    • Better adapt the services to the needs of the users,
    • Create viewing statistics.

  16. Any attempts to hack the service, break passwords or codes or use them in a manner inconsistent with the terms of service will result in legal consequences.

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